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Hub & Rotors 

Hub and Rotors which have been damaged either by brake line or pad wear

and tear or have been warped by overheating due to access braking or brake

malfunction can now be brought back within specifications on a special

equipped lathes so one doesn't need to spend a whole lot of money on new


Hose Services

Napa has a special department which makes all highly needed hydraulic and

pressurized hoses of all diameters for heavy truck use as fore all other

medium to small vehicles. Hydraulic brake and steering hoses, hoses for fork

lifters for Air-conditioning, Power Steering, you mention it we make it. Also we

carry a large assortment of joining couplings made from copper, stainless

steel and hardened steel for heavy duty applications.

Injector Services

Having problems with your fuel Injectors which are making your vehicle use

more gasoline, running poor on idle or take off can now be tested and

serviced at Napa. Before the injectors are serviced they are tested to find out

exactly what the cause of problems are in a special injector tester shown here

on the left. There are two main parts on a injector, the o-rings on the outside

for sealing and on the inside a filter which most often clogs due to fine dust or

rust particles loosening from your fuel tank. When the fault is found the

injectors are cleaned, repaired and tested again for assurance. A report of our

findings will be provided to each customer.

Tire Sales (Automotive & Trucks)

Napa Tire Center is well-known as one of our Islands best assorted Tire Sales

Centers located at Zeelandia, Caracasbaaiweg and downtown Sta.Maria. We

have the most known tire brands in stock such as Federal and Goodyear

among others which are offered at attractive prices, installed and balanced

free of charge. Our huge inventory exceeds 5000 tires which include tires for

Domestic and Imported vehicles, Pickup & HD Trucks, Busses, SUV, Fork

lifters and many more to mention.


HIn 1925, Martin Senour Automotive Finishes became the exclusive supplier of automotive refinish product s to the National Automotive Parts Association (NAPA). Martin Senour provides a complete line of advanced technology paint and coatings systems for automotive refinishing, fleet refinishing, and manufacturing customers.A system approach to great finish. All our systems help ensure your success by having a complete line of undercoats and topcoats designed specifically for the system.


Alignment  (Only at Napa Zeelandia & Sta Maria)

Putting off a wheel alignment can get costly due to tire wear. Bad alignment can chew through a tire pretty quickly. If you see uneven tire wear, if your steering wheel is off center, or your family car pulls to one side ask your local NAPA AutoCare Center about getting an alignment check.

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